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The OLIVE collection is inspired by that most precious ingredient, the olive, whose oil Homer refers to as ”liquid gold”. Olive trees are a symbol of peace, olive wreaths were awarded to the winners of the Olympic Games, but its symbolic meaning originated in the legend of the contest for Athens:


The tale ran that in the reign of Cecrops, the first king of Athens, the two deities contended for the possession of the city. The gods decreed that it should be awarded to that one who produced the gifts most useful to mortals. Neptune gave the horse; Miverva produced the olive. The gods gave judgement that the olive was the more useful of the two, and awarded the city to the goddess; and it was named after her, Athens, her name in Greek being Athene [1]


It is said that the tree still stands atop the Acropolis.


1) Bulfinch, Thomas. The Golden Age of Myth & Legend. Wordsworth Reference, 1993.

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